Dogs Available for Adoption at This Time

Flare 2
Tito Vodka calendar girl! Miss April in 2017, and cover girl in 2018! More information on her photo below.

Cerce 2
2nd photo of Cerce, where she is showing off her willingness and skills as she is learning beginning agility, at a recent workshop.. See her stats on her photo below.

F, 7 years, Dark brindle. This smaller girl is such a cutie, so much personality! Loves to play with people and dogs. Wrestles with her best pal, Joaquin. Good with small dogs and children, but not cats.

F, 1 yr, Whippet/Lacy Mix, Blue fawn. Small, lively, smart, and affectionate. A VERY athletic girl who is an excellent agility prospect. You should see her fly over jumps! Being young, she will need training and lots of exercise. Unusual color with four white feet and white tail tip. Oh, and best of all, she grins like a possum! SO cute!

F, 7 yrs, Red Fawn. Spectacular girl, and a total sociable sweetheart! This beauty gets along well with other dogs. Good with cats. Loves water. She is very special!

M, 6 yrs, Black Whippet. Sweet gorgeous guy! Gets along well with dogs, though may be too playful for a tiny dog. Does pretty well with cats. Loves kids.

F, 9 years, Black. What a sweetie! She has never met a stranger! She is perfect in the house, and is living with a tiny dog. Melina has been used as a breeder until now. She has earned the right to live out her golden years on your couch!

M. 2 yrs, Dark brindle, Whippet mix. A gorgeous guy! A showstopper! He may be a bit wary of strangers at first, but warms up with a little time. He loves children, and was sleeping in bed with the kids in his former home. Tai is extremely athletic and will make an excellent agility candidate.

F, 3 yrs, Red. An absolutely gorgeous girl, and sweet as she can be. Sansa will have to be carefully matched to another dog in a home. She will want to be in charge of her dog friends, and she is not good with smaller dogs and females. Excellent in the house.

Grey Greyhound lying on grass. Full length view.  Bit of white on chest.  One of the back feet can be seen, it has a bit of white..
M, 3 yrs. This gorgeous creature is very shy, but very playful. He does want to be somebody's baby, though doesn't yet have the nerve to come up to a stranger. Good with cats and small and large dogs. If you want to be his special person, you will need to spend a lot of time with him, to get acquainted and learn to use TTouch, before he goes home.

Head shot of Greyhound. Dog is facing just left of the camera. Mostly white with some brindle markings above the eyes and on the ears.  Mouth is open and tongue is visible..
Spirit of Texas
M, 7 yrs, Brindle/white spotted. The dog from the famous cruelty case - authorities refused to pursue it, though. (See our home page.) He is spectacular, but very shy - understandable, after what he has been through. He has come a long way. Again, if you want to be his special person, you will need to spend time with him, to get acquainted and learn to use TTouch, before he goes home. Good with small dogs, not sure about cats.

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