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What will happen to this dog when you go out of town, go on vacation, or in case of an emergency?
If the dog suddenly became seriously ill or injured and the veterinarian said expensive medical treatment was needed, what would you do?
What will you do if your dog shows destructive behavior? (Chewing or digging for example)
Do you plan to take your dog to obedience classes? Yes No

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Describe the brand of food and the feeding program (frequency, etc.) you will utilize for your dog?
If adopting an adult dog or when your puppy becomes an adult, how many times a day will you exercise him/her? And, for how long each time?

ALL dogs should be on HEARTworm Preventative
Do you know what heartworm disease is and how to prevent it?
  Read about heartworm here. Many people do not know about heartworm, it is important for all dog owners to know about this deadly parasite.
Yes    No
How will you prevent your dog from getting heartworms?
How will you prevent your dog from getting the Parvovirus?

Are you familiar with the Austin Pet Registry requiring pets to be licensed? Yes No

How will you keep your dog confined to your property? Check all that apply: House    Kennel Run     Chain/Tie Out     Garage
Patio Leash
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Do you realize that dogs often live longer than 10 years? Yes    No
Are you willing to assume responsibility for this dog for that long? Yes     No
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How did you hear about Greyhound Rescue Austin? website
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Typing your name below will serve as legal signature. By signing below, I authorize my veterinarian to release information regarding my pets to a representative of Greyhound Rescue Austin. I certify that the above information is true. False information will nullify this adoption. Applicant must be 21 years of age or older. Greyhound Rescue Austin reserves the right to refuse any applicant.

Adoption Fee - $250, which includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, (Austin) Pet Registration, deworming, heartworm test, tick disease test and treatment if necessary, collar/leash, training book, training classes, ongoing consultation and support.

Please send a $25 non-refundable deposit (part of your adoption fee) to: Liz White, 2805 West Fresco, Austin TX 78731.

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