Greyhound Rescue Austin
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Austin TX 78735

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What is Greyhound Rescue Austin?

Greyhound Rescue Austin's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Greyhound dogs.

Greyhound Rescue Austin is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization, funded by donations, fundraisers, and adoption fees.

Most of our dogs have come from Central Texas animal shelters and off the streets. No matter the immediate source, they come out of the racing industry. We choose to not work directly with breeders or the tracks, because so many Greyhounds are just dumped in shelters and on the streets.

Why was Greyhound Rescue Austin formed?

Over twenty years ago, abuse and neglect was prevalent in the Greyhound industry. A large number of Greyhounds in terrible shape were coming into Town Lake Animal Center. As a few individual people were struggling to save and help these gentle creatures - no Greyhound groups wanted them - we decided to band together to combine resources.

Even today, though things have improved, Greyhounds are still being dumped in shelters and on the streets, once they no longer provide income.

What does Greyhound Rescue Austin do?

Because they are considered only a commodity for racing, and overbred, too many Greyhounds end up in area shelters and on the streets. And those are the 'lucky' ones. Greyhound Rescue Austin takes in dogs from area shelters and fosters them in volunteers' homes. Many of these dogs have severe health problems - broken limbs, injuries, starved/emaciated, hairloss, severe parasite infestation, heartwoms, covered in fleas/ticks, tick borne diseases, etc. With your help, we do our best to take them in and help them.

The foster home provides a transition period between life as a racing dog and a new, permanent home. You have to remember that these dogs have never been inside a house. The dogs are introduced to stairs, toys, love, mirrors, plate glass windows, grassy yards, play, beds, car rides, etc., and learn needed social skills. As they learn to relax and have fun and accept love, they blossom into the affectionate - and often quite silly! - creature they were meant to be, kind of like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.

When a Greyhound is rescued it receives needed veterinary treatment, vaccinations, a heartworm test, tick-borne disease test for Ehrlichia, Babesia, Lymes, Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever, and spay/neuter surgery.

How does Greyhound Rescue Austin find the best homes for the dogs?

Individuals interested in adopting a Greyhound must fill out an adoption application and be interviewed in order to ensure that the needs of both the individual and the dog are met. A home visit is conducted. We ask that you spend time with the dog ahead of time, so that you are not a complete stranger whey they get to their new home. We also do introductions to your other pets ahead of time, to see how they will get along. Greyhounds are used to living with other Greyhounds, so are quite dog social, but your dog may need some help with accepting the new dog. We also have regular TTouch classes which is a great way to spend quality time with your dog getting acquainted.

Adoption Process Information:

Our adoption fee is $250, which includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm test, tick-borne disease testing (Lyme, Ehrlichia, Babesia and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever), training/TTouch classes, training book, and a lifetime of support and advice.

Typically, our average costs per dog are much higher, especially as we do not take the much healthier dogs from the breeders and tracks. The costs for the sick/injured ones can be daunting. We work very hard to make up the difference with fundraisers, donations, and sponsorships.

Greyhound Rescue Austin's dogs are in foster homes. We don't have a facility or kennels to view the dogs. Dogs can be seen at our adoption days, weekly training classes or by appointment.

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