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Tellington Touch (TTouch)

Tellington Touch (TTouch)
The TTOUCH (Tellington Touch) Training Method for Dogs
Linda Tellington Jones
A training approach to the body, mind and spirit of animals. Learn how Tellington TTouch and Tellington TTouch Equine Awareness Method can help you create a more wonderful partnership with your horse, dog, cat, bird, bunny or another animal companion. Linda Tellington Jones is the founder of this unique method of working with animals.
TTouch for Senior Dogs
Through the application of the TTouch Method of bodywork and guided exercises, people can help their senior canine companions to improve overall mobility, enhance recovery from physical exertion and stress, and maintain a positive attitude.
GRA's Weekly TTouch Class - PHOTOS
Greyhound Rescue Austin Hosting TTouch and Agility
How To Do TTouch
A description of how to actually do the TTouch body work on your animals.
Body Wrap
The Body Wrap is a TTouch technique that uses moderate pressure to comfort the mind and body during periods of stress, travel, loud noises, hyperactivity, or injury. The pressure is created by wrapping the dog in an Ace bandage. This article demonstrates why and how to use a Body Wrap, complete with photos.
A Veterinarian Defines TTEAM/TTouch
By Tom Beckett, DVM
TTEAM (the Tellington TTouch Equine Awareness Method) is an easily taught system of fairly precise finger and hand TTouch, passive movements and guided exercises. It provides humans with gentle yet potent techniques to affect body mind functioning in animals. First developed for horses, it has proved to be equally effective with a wide range of mammals, birds and reptiles.
Labyrinth Work:
Handlers walk the dogs in the Labyrinth and do TTouch in the center. The Labyrinth is a large copy of the one at Chartres Cathedral in France.
The Tellington Touch
Intro, basics, pet owners perspectives, TTouch therapy and links to featured books on the topic.
TTouch for Companion Animals
Lots of excellent articles.
Recommended books on the subject of TTOUCH.



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