Greyhound Information Details

Care and Health Information

Bloat - A Dangerous Condition
Deep-chested dogs are susceptible to gastric torsion; the dreaded "bloat"
The Senior Dogs Project
Info on the Senior Dog project
Ester-C and Hip Dysplasia
Article on Ester-C and it's value on Hip Dysplasia
Canine Epilepsy Resource Center
Heartworm Info
Vaccinations: A Word of Caution for Our Animals
Dog Disease Info
ASPCA Poison Control Center
Greyhound Anesthesia by Suzanne Stack, DVM
Greyhound Bloodwork by Suzanne Stack, DVM
Article on Greyhound Bloodwork
Greyhound Health Myths by Suzanne Stack, DVM
Excellent Greyhound health articles by Suzanne Stack, DVM
Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine Greyhound Health and Wellness Program
The ABCs of Diagnostics in Greyhounds by Suzanne Stack, DVM



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