Fast Friends

Mimi Smith, blonde, mid-forties, three red 6 month old Greyhound puppy littermates and Chispa, the paint horse.

The black Greyhound, Razzmatazz, chases her white shepherd friend, Jack.

Rio, the brindle Greyhound, romping in the surf with his black Lab cross friend, Bambi.

Rio, a brindle Greyhound, Bambi, a black lab cross, and three members of the Hanloh family pose on Padre Island.

Bowie & Roller
Young Tommy, Shane and Graham Casey with their two Greyhounds, Bowie, brindle, and Roller, black, in front of their pool.

Tequila, double decking with his feline friend, Gato

Gary and Gia
Gia, a black Greyhound curled up in a bed with her black cat friend, Gary.

Young red-headed Graham Casey having a nap, resting his head on the also napping brindle Greyhound, Bowie.

Osiris and friend.
The red brindle Greyhound with a white chest is lying on a bed with a baby in a plaid dress, sucking her thumb.

Sinbad & Emma
Sinbad, a dark brindle senior Greyhound with his young blonde friend, Emma. Emma picked out her Hawaiian skirt outfit especially for this photo shoot. They are sitting in front of a large wagon wheel.

Carlin and her new friend, Fargo
Carlin, a young girl, is petting Fargo, a large fawn Greyhound with a black mask.  She is wearing a pink princess costume with a tiara.

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