Wild Things

Damon wears Alaya, a gorgeous red and white long-haired Greyhound/Saluki, as a hat!  Her head is placed on top of Damon's head.

Aida is a small beautiful gray/brown/white Silken Windhound, which shows in her long silky hair. This is a portrait head shot taken outdoors.

Laia, blonde Deerhound/Greyhound, looking startled.  Her wild hair-do makes her look like a wire-haired Greyhound.

Travis is a big wirehaired brindle Greyhound/Wolfhound mix. He is standing in a grassy field.

Gavilan is a blonde longer haired mix of Saluki and Greyhound.  He is trotting in a grassy field with a flowing tail.

Chloe (Reina)
Chloe is a very wirehaired blonde mix of Greyhound, Wolfhound and Saluki.  This is a headshot, and the background is a field with some bluebonnets.

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