Hounds in Style!

Gorgeous headshot of the blonde Greyhound, Christoffe, dressed in his ornate collar. Photo by Mary Thurston.

All Hail King Corey and Queen Raine
Corey, a large white Greyhound and his smaller grey brindle Greyhound girlfriend, Raine, wearing crowns at a party.

"Is my head on fire?"
Giselle, fawn and white spotted Greyhound, is wearing an ethereal red wreath on her head, complete with a matching red bead necklace.

"Somebody throw some water on that dog's head!"
Giselle, fawn and white spotted Greyhound, looking regal, wearing a colorful Christmas wreath on her head. The wreath has red and green ribbons and balls.

"Where's my purse?"
Giselle, fan and white spotted Greyhound, wearing a spectacular large green bow on her head, with a matching green beaded necklace.  She is definitely ready for St. Paddy's Day!

Harley Girls
Maya, black Greyhound, and Charlotte dressed in Harley jackets and silver necklaces.

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